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Postby MAS » October 29th, 2015, 6:08 pm

Halloween tracklist:

Freddy Interlude
Joe Delia - Ms 45 Dance Party
James Bay - The Beauty
Blackway - New Life
Easy Going - Fear
A Number of Names - Shari Vari
Anna Clementi and Alien Alien - No GDM
Crash Course In Science - Jump Over Barrels
John Carpenter - A Duke Arrives
Xex - Delta 5
Alexander Robotnick - Dance Boy Dance
Liquid Sky - Me and My Rhythm Box
Kati Kovacs - Thitchinaski
The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord
Black Devil Disco Club - No Regrets
BFR - Zombie Erotic
Zombie Zombie - The Bank Robbery
Methusalem - Robotism

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